About UCSF Digital Accessibility

ITS (Information Technology Services) created a team to help all at UCSF meet our digital accessibility policy. The team includes Advisors, Core members and Specialists to create guidelines and resources.

The policy is that our digital communications and services be just as accessible to persons with disabilities as our facilities and programs are. UCSF is inclusive from the core. The technology of the internet, once a revolution of inclusivity, with all its innovations now inadvertently can exclude users with disabilities.

To help meet our policy and values, while innovating to meet UCSFs mission, we offer Digital Accessibility:

Guidelines – how to meet the criteria 

Training – classes, videos, online training, events and tailored to your department presentations and training

Advice – how to plan, use the resources of UCSF and work with vendors

The “digital” of digital accessibility, refers to communication that is digitally transmitted, for example, web, apps, emails, PDFs, etcetera. It does not include physical accessibility like alternatives to stairs and automatic door openers. Information about physical access can be found at UCSF Access.

Core Committee*

Ed Chen

John Kealy

Jonathan Prugh

Mimi Sosa



Joe Bengfort

Jane Wong


* Core Committee members are also on the Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Christian Burke

Doug Carlson

Alan Carpenter

Louise Chu

Bruce Flynn

Tim Montgomery

Kimberly Romero

Judy Rosen